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Basic Assembly, Maintenance and Storage of Air Compressors

Air compressors are easy to assemble, simple to maintain, and store easily. With a few of these simple tips, your compressor can last a long time.

By way of introduction, air compressors are pretty straight forward machines. Most models that the average home owner or small business owner are familiar with work on some pretty basic principles. They use an air tank that has a valve that can be opened and closed, allowing pressurized air to build up inside the tank to be used later to run pneumatic tools. These tools range widely from simple tire inflators, to paint sprayers, to nail guns and others.

The power plants on these machines are usually either electric motors that just plug into standard outlets, or gasoline powered engines that require fuel. Both are good options and each has its advantages. Electricity is clean, quiet and inexpensive. Gasoline allows air compressors to be truly portable. Your application will determine which is the best option for you.

Air compressors come in both stationary and portable form, but their basic function and use is the same. Assembly of each type is simple. Once you have the unit unpacked and have verified that all the needed parts are there you can begin. On some portable units there is no need for assembly. These are truly as simple as it gets. Just attach an air hose and tool, make sure the air tank is closed and set the air gauge to your required setting. Plug it in and let the pressure build, being sure to monitor the pressure so you can adjust it according to what you need. That way things stay safe.

name belly button rings Larger air compressors require you to do some basic assembly. This usually amounts to attaching a handle on the back, maybe a couple wheels on the other end, and a few rubber feet. One thing to remember when doing this is to make sure there is a small tilt toward the drain valve. Air compressors build up moisture during use that has to be drained out of the tank every time you are finished using it. Doing so will help insure that rust and corrosion doesn't shorten the life of the tank.

As for maintenance on air compressors, it is also a pretty simple affair. As with any machine that does work, it is a good idea to keep it clean, and to keep moving parts oiled and lubed. Electric units just need to be kept clean. When you first hook up a tool to the hose, just add a couple drops of tool oil into the air connector on the tool. This is probably the biggest help you can do yourself for insuring longevity of your tools.

Air compressors have safety valves. These should also be checked often to verify their proper function. If your unit uses oil, just be sure to stay on top of regular oil changes. Air filters come on these models and are just as simple to check. Remembering to do the basics is usually the challenge. We get busy and forget. I like to keep maintenance records. Find what works for you.

Storing air compressors couldn't be easier. Cool, clean places where they are protected from getting banged into is about it. The larger models are usually located where they are stored. Smaller units can be taken out and used and put back when finished. Many find that just putting these back in the original box is a great way to store them safely.

Air compressors set up easily, are simple to maintain and require nothing special to safely store. They are amazing machines that can be expected to give years of faithful service.

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