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Two Wheeled Electric Pickup Truck

ZEV (Z Electric Vehicle Corporation) has introduced what customers are calling A 2 wheeled Pickup Truck- the Electric ZEV TRAIL & UTILITY dual purpose and off road motor scooter. Fully street legal, the ZEV TRAIL is a rough treaded bike designed to handle long range running on dirt roads, trails, or the street while carrying a load. The bike was originally conceived as a delivery vehicle and for the Police. However, it is gaining interest from Park service personnel who can use it without fear of setting fires from a hot exhaust of an internal combustion engine. Hunters who wanted to run deep into the field away from the paved road in silence became the initial customers. The vehicle has gained the attention of hunters who state that it can open up hunting lands to vehicles by avoiding the ban on engine driven vehicles on that land. Yacht and boat owners can charge the bike at their dock and use the bike to haul in supplies or be off loaded to land at destination points for exploring without the handling of gasoline. RV owners have expressed an interest for the same reasons. The first bikes sold went to high altitude Rocky Mountain residents who want to enjoy the fact that electric motors do not lose power at altitude like their gasoline powered counterparts. Designed with utility and rough use in mind, the bike features a flip up and lock in place rear seat that uncovers a large cargo mount. Under this, on each side of the bike, additional lockable storage boxes are mounted. Deer and other large game can be easily carried on the cargo rack. The bike uses an unusually large 2. 5 inch OD tubing frame. With the load platform exposed, a 250 lb. load can be carried. To make sure that no rider is stranded with a low battery, the bike carries a large 4. 3 Kw battery capacity that demonstrated in testing the ability of the bike to run 75 miles without charging. This is one of the largest capacity in the industry exceeded only by the huge 5 Kwh battery pack on the ZEV5700. Long Range. Using a lithium battery package, the bike is extremely tolerant of extended periods of not being used without the normal requirement of lead battery vehicles for a trickle or floater charge. The bike will retain its charge without damage for months of non use making it ideal for camp, boat, and seasonal recreational use. For the daily user, the bike can carry its charger in one of the lock boxes. The high rate chargers can charge the battery 80% in 20 minutes or go to full charge in 4 hours. Compared to conventional gasoline powered vehicles, there is no problem with gasoline handling, or fuel system clogging from extended periods of non use. belly button jewelry The new ZEV uses a special high torque electric motor. Tested at 100 amps, the new motor yielded to 248 Nm (183 lb ft) of continuous torque. The new motor is an 11. 8 inch (299. 7 mm) OD hub motor. The unusually large OD gives the motor the ability to produce exceptional torque at the lowest possible current draw. The motor has demonstrated very high efficiency such that even at a temperature of 150 degree C the motor can run 82% efficiency To aid in heat dissipation the motor, rim, hub assembly is all aluminum. This new motor will be used in conjunction with the companies 3 speed Electronic Transmission controller. . The controllers 3 speeds allow the rider to vary both voltage and amperage on the fly to maximize power or range. The lowest speed also allows the rider the equivalent to a low power limp home mode where coupled with the large motor ability to create high torque at low current draw the rider can always get to the next charging point. The big advantage is the ability to dial down the current draw to match the terrain, load, and speed desired by the rider to stretch out the range. This is aided by the regenerative braking charging system also built into each ZEV bike. In on road testing versus other controllers and bikes the ZEV was able to consistently run 18 to 26% further at equal speeds. The ZEV Trail and Utility is being offered with an introduction price of $5392 (after the Federal 10% tax rebate). This offers buyers a much lower priced option to the $7,992 Brammo Enertia Bike or the $9,950 Zero Bike for dirt road usage with the radically better benefit of being able to carry large loads even greater distances. The huge battery pack at 4. 32 Kwh is larger even than the 3. 7 kwh battery pack in the $10,800 Vectrix motor scooter while the bike weighing 200 lbs less than the Vectrix. Approximately 50% less cost than the competition, with far more ability. The ZEV Trail and Utility first purchasers were Colorado residents who enjoy an 85% State tax credit for the purchase. Oklahoma hunters were next with the 50% Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Tax Credit. All most every state in the USA has such a credit that applies to the purchase of a ZEV. This new ZEV was introduced by ZEV hot on the heels of their 75 mph / 121 kph (129 kph with a rider crouch) ZEV7000 (that is the current worlds fastest electric production motor scooter). The new Trail bike is a completely different type of vehicle, intended for a completely different market. Offering two different types of bikes in quick sequence back was intended by the company to show off their engineering ability. The company operates a test and demonstration site just south of Pittsburgh, Pa where riders can come for a test drive. These drives can be arranged through the company web site.

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